Ngala Wele Karla (Our Dream on Fire)

The Ngala Wele Karla project provides support to Aboriginal people in Yued country to develop businesses and increase their economic participation in the regional, State and National economies.

This project is delivered through the Regional Development Australia (RDA) Wheatbelt Inc ‘Noongar Enterprise Development Support’ projects and funded through the Australian Government’s ‘Inclusive Communities’ grants.

There are many organisations, businesses and Government bodies with resources available to help people who are all ready to enter into the business world once their concept has been developed.

Ngala Wele Karla, we fill the gap at the start and can help you get to the stage of being ready to act on your business idea by:

  • Talking to you about our project - It is your notion, you tell us your business idea and discuss what you hope to achieve
  • Looking at the positives at the pit falls of being in businesses
  • Discussing what makes a business successful
  • Conducting an interview with you to determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the business
  • Helping you identify your business and personal goals
  • Identifying what help you may need
  • Offering resources, training and development opportunities, empowering you to create your knowledge base within the business world
  • Advising you of resources available and where to access these
  • Walking with you through the business planning and development path
  • Looking at the business and options you may wish to explore
  • Helping you identify what additional training requirements you may need assisting you access these
  • Providing user friendly resources which have been customised for Aboriginal business set up
  • Being a mentor to maintain your momentum into business hence the name Our Dream on Fire.

The role of the Ngala Wele Karla project is to combine the assets, skills and opportunities of a community in developing community and individual entrepreneurship. A key component of this is the proactive identification of opportunity, the engagement with individual families and the development of forward pathways involving education, mentorship, connection with markets and existing advisor programs that can support the success and longevity of Aboriginal entrepreneurs.

There is assistance for people of the Yued region to encourage and support social enterprise and small Aboriginal business, this will also provide a mechanism for the delivery of other funded programs into the Wheatbelt. Ultimately a focus in this area is expected to generate services that will create a supportive environment for Aboriginal business, increasing economic activity and employment.

The key element of this project is the building of capacity within the community to enable the project to continue over the long term from within the community.

For the Yued and Ballardong region delivery please contact our business consultant Robert Miles on 0428 959 084 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

For the Ballardong Moordity Yaakiny Project please go to 

For RDA Wheatbelt Inc or the ‘Noongar Enterprise Development Support’ projects contact the office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 08 9575 1888  

What we can offer through this project

The emphasis on this project is SUPPORT, where we support you one on one to develop the skills to start your own small business. We give you our time, experience and skills. This also includes information resources, contacts to other support opportunities and when you are ready to start we will help to apply for any funding that may be suitable and/or available for your business.

What we are not able to offer

This project is to work with you on your path to set up a small business and as part of business culture in the real economy, we are not able to pay you to take part in this project. Unfortunately this also means we are unable to pay for travel, fuel, accommodation, internet data, telephone plans or equipment etc.

Should this make it difficult for you to take part in this program, please talk to the admin office. We will not be able to pay but we may be able to arrange car-pooling, travelling to your location or downloading of information required for the project when meeting with consultants. Should you need assistance to access Centrelink there may be help to work through the process with you as part of learning skills.



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Contact: Robert Miles - Six Seasons Connect
Mobile: 0428 959 084

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This project is delivered through the Regional Development Australia (RDA) Wheatbelt Inc ‘Noongar Enterprise Development Support’ project and
Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.